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“Perl’s vocals are laid back, playful and sensual, all of which adds an air of mystery to the project.”






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Rebecca Perl was born and raised in New York. She may have been the shy kid in class, but always had a lot to say. After picking up a guitar at 12 and teaching herself by 13, she learned her love for music was the best way to articulate all the complexities and riddles that love and life had to offer. With each year, Rebecca Perl has found a way to create a sound that is both fresh and familiar, while questioning, embellishing and celebrating the most human experiences and connections that rent space in all of our hearts and minds. 

Perl’s style is marked by her geographical footprints. She began performing and writing in New York, then moved to Austin, Texas to explore a more homegrown sound and currently resides in Los Angeles where she writes and works with artists, writer and producers in evolving mediums.

Her first major album "Rendezvous" earned her tremendous accolades and garnered great reviews from citics around the world after she sold out Webster Hall and landed opening spots for pop rock superstars Howie Day, Gavin degraw, Teddy Geiger, Ryan Cabrera and Olivia Newton John.

In March 2015, Perl performed an official music showcase at SXSW in Austin, TX, and on April 28th, she released her Sophomore album, "Point Of No Return" both digitally and on CD. 'Point Of No Return' combines the catchy sounds of folk and pop while remaining honest and truthful in the lyrics. She returned from her Southeastern tour in late May 2015 and has recently wrapped up yet another West Coast tour with Howie Day in August 2015. 

After touring the country, Rebecca decided to make a shift in her music career and moved out to Los Angeles, where she currently resides, writing for both herself and other artists.

Perl launched her brand new single on August 3rd called "Keepin' It Cool", with Canadian Producer/Writer Tep No. It reached #22 on the Hype Machine Popular Charts, over 500,000 streams on Youtube and over 150 Spotify playlists to date.




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